REVEREND - World Won't Miss You (Charisma, 1990)

World Won't Miss You Remission / Another Form Of Greed / Scattered Wits / Desperate / Leader Of Fools / World Won't Miss You / Rude Awakening / Gunpoint / Killing Time / Hand Of Doom / 11th Hour
Chris Goss - backing vocals


ROXY SAINT - The Underground Personality Tapes (DVD) (Star Blue TV, 2003)

The Underground Personality Tapes

Stay Up / Rebel / Tape You / Firecracker* / Fuck / Freedom / Humans / Lobster Boy / Whatever / Asexual / Superstars / Another Face / Play Games / Dark Dust Seed / Find You A Girl / Ours / Think About It / I Wanna Be Your Dog

*Written by Roxy Saint/Chris Goss/John Russo | Audio produced by Chris Goss

Chris Goss "played some guitar"

ROXY SAINT - Firecracker (Star Blue TV, 2004)


Firecracker* / Everybody Wants To Fuck

*Produced by Chris Goss
*Written by Roxy Saint/Chris Goss/John Russo


SCREAMING TREES - Dust (Epic, 1996)

Dust Halo Of Ashes / All I Know / Look At You / Dying Days / Make My Mind / Sworn And Broken / Witness / Traveler / Dime Western / Gospel Plow
Chris Goss - backing vocals on 'All I Know' and 'Make My Mind'


KRISTINA SERRA - Superstar! (Rude Girl Records, 1995)

Superstar! Superstar! / Wishin' / Miss Mary / Sweet Dreams #9* / Sugar Trippin'* / Zero* / Smilehead / Nightmare / Northern Boy / Epilogue: Heathrow*
*Produced & mixed by Chris Goss, Kristina Serra & Dan McCarroll
Originally released as 'Sugar Trippin' EP' (Rude Girl Records, 1992)


THE SHIT - Dingleberry Fields Forever (Subversiv Records, 2012)

Dingleberry Fields Forever I Can Tell / Get Out / The Return Of Manolo / Shakin' Your Ass / The Master Plan / Blue Tears / Ms. Dirty Mineshaft / Save My Ass / Big Dick's Traffic Report / On The Radio / I Wonder Where You're Right Now / Rockinroller / The Scent Of A Little Girl / Fight Fire With Fire / Anytime
Chris Goss - vocals on 'Blue Tears' and 'Anytime'


SLO BURN - Amusing The Amazing (Malicious Vinyl, 1996)

Amusing The Amazing The Prizefighter / Muezli / Pilot The Dune / July
Produced by Chris Goss and Slo Burn


SMITH AND PYLE - It's OK To Be Happy (Urban Prairie, 2008)

It's OK To Be Happy Call Down A Blessing / Spankin / I Ain't / Sugar* / Frumpy Flannel* / I Like You Too Much / Flower In My Hair / The Show / Do You Ever Think Of Me? / I'm Too Tired / Wish You Were Dead / Anthem / Slippery Hips / Ass* / Peter Pan* / Go Rest High
Produced by Chris Goss
*Co-written by Chris Goss

Chris Goss - guitars, bass, keyboards and backing vocals


SOULWAX - Leave The Story Untold (Play It Again Sam, 1996)

Leave The Story Untold

Intro / Reruns (Daisy Duke) / Caramel / Kill Your Darlings / Great Continental Suicide Note / Soul Simplicity / Rooster / Tales Of A Dead Scene / Hammer & Tongues / Spending The Afternoon In A Slowly Revolvin' Door / The About It Song / Long Distance Zoom / Vista Grande / Acapulco Gold

Produced by Chris Goss and Soulwax
Mixed by Chris Goss and The Flying Dewaele Brothers

SOULWAX - Much Against Everyone's Advice (Play It Again Sam, 1998)

Much Against Everyone's Advice

Conversation Intercom / Saturday / When Logics Die / Much Against Everyone's Advice / Overweight Karate Kid / Proverbial Pants / The Salty Knowledge Of Tears / Flying Without Wings / More Than This / Too Many DJ's / Temptingly Yours / My Cruel Joke / Scream / Funny

Pre-production help: Frank Duchene - Chris Goss


SOUND CITY: Real To Reel (Roswell/RCA, 2013)

Sound City: Real To Reel Heaven And All / Time Slowing Down / You Can't Fix This / The Man That Never Was / Your Wife Is Calling / From Can To Can't / Centipede / A Trick With No Sleeve / Cut Me Some Slack / If I Were Me / Mantra
'Time Slowing Down' written and performed by Chris Goss, Tim Commerford, Dave Grohl, Brad Wilk
'Centipede' written and performed by Joshua Homme, Chris Goss, Dave Grohl, Alain Johannes


STANDING SHADOWS - Freakshow EP (Analog Kid Records, 2011)

Freakshow EP Freakshow* / Freakshow (DJ DNA remix) / Bright Lights (Grammar remix) / We Are Everlasting (Silver Sessions remix) / Freakshow (gdub remix)

available as a download only

*Produced by Chris Goss

STANDING SHADOWS - Just A Part Of Me (Tales From The War Garden) EP (Analog Kid Records, 2011)

Just A Part Of Me

Just A Part Of Me* / Silent Revolution Pre-War Garden / Just A Part Of Me Pre-War Garden / Just A Part Of Me Post-War Garden / Fade Away Post-War Garden / Struggle Of Our Lives War Garden Anthem

available as a download only

*Produced by Chris Goss

STANDING SHADOWS - One By One EP (Analog Kid Records, 2012)

One By One

Everything You Want / Find My Way / One By One*

available as a download only

*Produced by Chris Goss


STONE TEMPLE PILOTS - Tiny Music... (Atlantic, 1996)

Tiny Music... Press Play / Pop's Love Suicide / Tumble In The Rough / Big Bang Baby / Lady Picture Show / And So I Know / Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart / Art School Girl / Adhesive / Ride The Cliché* / Daisy / Seven Caged Tigers*
*Vocals engineered by Chris Goss and Tracy Chisholm


SUN TRASH - Sun Trash (self-released, 2017*)

Sun Trash Dead Batteries / St. Edwardo / People Like Me / Electric Feathered Hair / Hey Cowboy / Florida / Gold Ghetto Cupid / Sun Trash Glows / Poo Butt Dub / A Ride Like That
"It took 7 days over the last 11 years to bring you 10 songs. Produced by Troy Van Leeuwen & Sean Wheeler with contributions from Old Scratch, Jesse Hughes, Joshua Homme, Dave Catching, Chris Goss, Joey Castillo, Gene Trautman and Eddie Nappi... This is Sun Trash."

*previously available as a download only.


TAX THE HEAT - Tax The Heat (Can I Get A Witness Records, 2013)

Tax The Heat Devil's Daughter / Caroline / Fed To The Lions / Summer Girl
Produced by Chris Goss


30 ODD FOOT OF GRUNTS - The Photograph Kills (Roadshow, 1995)

The Photograph Kills The Photograph Kills / High Horse Honey / T.P.K. (Image Ain't Action)
'The Photograph Kills' mixed by Chris Goss
'T.P.K.(Image Ain't Action)' produced by Chris Goss

30 ODD FOOT OF GRUNTS - What's Her Name? (Gruntland, 1997)

What's Her Name?

What's Her Name? / Oblique Is My Love / All The White Circles / Big Jet Planes
Mixed by Chris Goss. Mastered by Chris Goss, Eddy Schreyer and Dean Cochran

30 ODD FOOT OF GRUNTS - Gaslight (Gruntland, 1998)


Circus / You Treat Me Like Chocolate / Oblique Is My Love (Live) / What's Her Name? (Live) / The Legend Of Barry Kable (Live) / She's Not Impressed / David / What You Want Me To Forget? / Nowhere / Eternity / Wendy
Chris Goss - backing vocal on 'Circus'


ABBY TRAVIS - Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop (Educational, 2000)

Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop So Far Away / Of Eyes Remain / Have I Got A Deal For You / Sunday Is The Day For Love / Hope / Hangover Flower / Everything's Wonderful / October / Sometime's I Wish I Had A Gun / Bottom Of The Sea / Monster / The Hate Song
Mixed by Geza X, Bryan Davis and Chris Goss


UNIDA - The Best Of Wayne-Gro (Meteorcity, 1999 - split CD with Dozer)

The Best of Wayne-Gro Flower Girl / Red / Delta Alba Plex / Wet Pussycat
Produced by Chris Goss and Unida


UNKLE - Never, Never, Land (Global Underground, 2004)

Never, Never, Land Back And Forth / Eye For An Eye / In A State / Safe In Mind (Please Get This Gun From Out My Face) / I Need Something Stronger / What Are You To Me? / Panic Attack / Invasion / Reign / Glow /Inside / Eye For An Eye Backwards (Josh Homme & Alain Johannes Remix) / Safe In Mind (Please Get This Gun From Out My Face) (Chris Goss Remix)*
*Remix produced and arranged by Chris Goss

UNKLE - War Stories (Surrender All, 2007)

War Stories

Intro / Chemistry / Hold My Hand / Restless / Keys To The Kingdom / Price You Pay / Burn My Shadow / Mayday / Persons & Machinery / Twilight / Morning Rage / Lawless / Broken / When Things Explode/Tired Of Sleeping
Produced by Chris Goss & UNKLE (James Lavelle & Richard File)
All songs co-written by Chris Goss

Chris Goss - guitar on 'Chemistry' / guitars on 'Hold My Hand' / guitar, live bass on 'Restless' / bass/guitar on 'Keys To The Kingdom' / synth bass on 'Price You Pay' / guitars, synths, backing vocals on 'Burn My Shadow' / guitars on 'Mayday' / live bass on 'Twilight' / synth, guitar on 'Morning Rage' / guitars on 'Lawless' / guitars, organ on 'Broken' / organ bass on 'When Things Explode' / synth on 'Tired Of Sleeping'

Limited edition version of War Stories featuring two bonus tracks:
Buying A Lie / Mistress

Produced by Chris Goss & UNKLE (James Lavelle & Richard File)
Both songs co-written by Chris Goss

Chris Goss - backing vocals, bass/synth bass on 'Buying A Lie' / guitar/bass on 'Mistress'

UNKLE - Hold My Hand (Surrender All, 2007)

Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand / Can't Stop*
*Produced by Chris Goss with UNKLE (James Lavelle, Richard File)
*Written by Lavelle, File, Goss

*Chris Goss - guitar

UNKLE - End Titles… Stories for Film (Surrender All, 2008)

End Titles… Stories for Film

End Titles / Cut Me Loose / Ghosts*† / Ghosts (String Reprise) / Kaned And Abel / Blade In The Back / Synthetic Water / Chemical**† / Nocturnal† / Cut Me Loose (String Reprise) / Against The Grain / Even Balance (Part Two) / Trouble In Paradise (Variation On A Theme) / Can't Hurt / 24 Frames / In A Broken Dream / Clouds / Black Mass / Open Up Your Eyes / Romeo Void / Heaven / The Piano Echoes
*Produced by UNKLE/Chris Goss
Produced by Chris Goss with UNKLE (James Lavelle, Richard File)
†Co-written by Chris Goss

Chris Goss - guitar on 'Ghosts' / backing vocals, guitar on 'Chemical' / backing vocals, guitar on 'Nocturnal'

UNKLE - Where Did The Night Fall (Surrender All, 2010)

Where Did The Night Fall Nowhere* / Follow Me Down / Natural Selection / Joy Factory / The Answer / On A Wire / Falling Stars / Heavy Drug* / Caged Bird / Ablivion* / The Runaway / Ever Rest* / The Healing* / Another Night Out
*Produced by UNKLE with Chris Goss

Chris Goss - guitar on 'Nowhere' / keyboards and synths, backing vocals on 'Heavy Drug' / backing vocals on 'Ablivion' / guitar, backing vocals on 'Ever Rest'

UNKLE - Where Did The Night Fall: Another Night Out (Surrender All, 2011)

Another Night Out Reissue of Where Did The Night Fall featuring additional disc:

Somewhere / In My Mind / Money And Run / The Dog Is Black / Only The Lonely / Wash The Love Away / Sunday Song / With You In My Head / Country Tune / Not A Sound / When The Lights Go Out-We Own The Night / Every Single Prayer

Chris Goss - backing vocals on 'In My Mind'
UNKLE - The Road: Part I (Songs For The Def, 2017)
Iter I: Have You Looked At Yourself / Farewell / Looking For The Rain / Cowboys Or Indians / Iter II: How Do You Feel / Nowhere To Run/Bandits* / Iter III: Keep On Runnin' / Stole Enough / Arm's Length / Iter IV: We Are Stardust / Sonata / The Road / Iter V: Friend Or Foe / Sunrise (Always Comes Around) / Sick Lullaby
*'Nowhere To Run/Bandits' written by James Lavelle, Jack Leonard, Matthew Puffett, Chris Goss, Jeordie White. Additional production by Chris Goss, Matthew Puffett, Steven Weston
Chris Goss - backing vocals, guitars, water phone

UNKLE - The Road: Part II / Lost Highway (Songs For The Def, 2019)

Iter VI: Prologue / Requiem (When You Talk Of Love) / Ar.Mour / Iter VII: Lost / The Other Side / Feel More/With Less / Nothing To Give / Iter VIII: However Vast The Darkness / Long Gone / Only You / The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face / Iter IX: Epilogue/Tales Of The City /  Crucifixion/A Prophet* / Powder Man / Kubrick / Sun (The) / Find An Outsider / Iter X: Found / Days And Nights / Reprise / Iter XI: In Your Arms / Touch Me
*'Crucifixion' written by James Lavelle, Chris Goss, Jeordie White, Jack Leonard, Justin Stanley. Produced by James Lavelle, Chris Goss, Miink. Arranged by James Lavelle, Jack Leonard, Matthew Puffett, Chris Goss, Jeordie White
Chris Goss - vocals, guitars, piano

'Powder Man' written by Chris Goss, James Lavelle, Jack Leonard, Matthew Puffett, Steven Weston. Lyrics by Chris Goss. Produced by James Lavelle, Chris Goss. Arranged by James Lavelle, Jack Leonard, Chris Goss. Engineered by Cameron Craig, Chris Goss
Chris Goss - vocals, acoustic guitars, synths, piano


WALLACE VANBORN - The Orb We Absorb (Tossed Salad, 2014)

The Orb We Absorb Light In The Dark / Supply & The Damned / Skipping Loops / A Bee And A Buzz / Devolution / Vampires (Big Drain) / Revealers / Wizard Casts Blizzard / When The Riders... / Regenerating Mantra / Welcome To The Wastelands / Wave Goodbye / Dark In The Light
Produced & mixed by Chris Goss


WE - Smugglers (Nun Music, 2004)


Cosmic Biker R'N'R / Sulphur Roast Stomp / Crawling Out Of The Wreckage / Wroom / Sassy Zazie / Smugglers / Lucid / Sugar & Cannabinoles / Lightyears Ahead / Catch Electrique / On The Verge To Go

Produced by WE & Chris Goss

Chris Goss - filter cymbals on 'Cosmic Biker Rock 'n' Roll' / melody guitar (bridge) on 'Sulphur Roast Stomp / harmony vocals (chorus), organ on 'Crawling Out Of The Wreckage' / harmony vocals, chants on 'Wroom' / harmony vocals, clavinet on 'Sassy Zazie' / organ, mellotron, mini-moog smuggler fx on 'Smugglers' / harmony vocals on 'Lucid' / organ, harmony guitar (2nd verse) on 'Lightyears Ahead' / claps on 'Catch Electrique'

WE and Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band - Sky Is The Limit EP (Nun Music, 2006)

Sky Is The Limit

Sky Is The Limit / Deepred / My Private Night / 7 AM*
*Produced by WE & Chris Goss

*Chris Goss - backing vocals and inspiration.


SCOTT WEILAND - 12 Bar Blues (Atlantic, 1998)

12 Bar Blues Desperation #5 / Barbarella / About Nothing / Where's The Man / Divider / Cool Kiss / The Date / Son / Jimmy Was A Stimulator / Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down / Mockingbird Girl / Opposite Octave Reaction
'Opposite Octave Reaction' recorded by Chris Goss and Chad Banford


YELLOW #5 - Demon Crossing (Scat Records, 2005)

Demon Crossing Demon Crossing / Auto Pilot / No Loitering / Screaming Mimi / Moon Man / Bad Girl / Jackie / Lust / ICFCFBM / Seven Addictions / Hair of the Dog / Herman R. Miller, Esq lll / Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee / Deviant Angel / Cut Off, LA
Chris Goss - harmony vocals on 'Moon Man'