IAN ASTBURY - Spirit\Light\Speed (Beggars Banquet, 2000)


Back On Earth / High Time Amplifier* / Devil's Mouth / Tonight (Illuminated) / Metaphysical Pistol / The Witch (Slt Return) / It's Over / El Ché/Wild Like a Horse / Tyger* / Shambala (R.F.L.)*

Produced and arranged by Chris Goss and Ian Astbury
*Written by Astbury/Goss

Chris Goss - electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocal, synthesizers

IAN ASTBURY - High Time Amplifier (Beggars Banquet, 2000)

High Time Amplifier

High Time Amplifier / Tyger (Demo Version) / High Time Amplifier (Witchman Mix)


AUF dER MAUR - Auf der Maur (Capitol, 2004)

Auf der Maur Lightning Is My Girl / Followed The Waves / Real A Lie / Head Unbound / Taste You / I'll Be Anything You Want / Beast Of Honor / My Foggy Notion / Would If I Could / Overpower Thee* / Skin Receiver / I Need I Want I Will

Produced by Chris Goss and Melissa Auf der Maur
*Written by Chris Goss/Josh Homme

Chris Goss - additional guitar on 'Followed The Waves' and 'Skin Receiver' / vocal on 'Head Unbound' and 'I Need I Want I Will' / guitar on 'I'll Be Anything You Want' / piano on 'Overpower Thee'

AUF dER MAUR - Followed The Waves (Capitol, 2004)

Followed The Waves

Followed The Waves / Good News
Produced by Chris Goss and Melissa Auf der Maur

MELISSA AUF dER MAUR - Out Of Our Minds (Phi, 2010)

Out Of Our Minds

The Hunt / Out Of Our Minds / Isis Speaks / Lead Horse / Follow The Map / 22 Below / Meet Me On The Dark Side / This Would Be Paradise / Father's Grave* / The Key* / The One† / 1000 Years
International bonus tracks: 22 Below (Piano Version)* / Whispers & Potions
*Produced by Chris Goss & Melissa Auf der Maur
†Produced by Chris Goss, Jordon Zadorozny & Melissa Auf der Maur
'22 Below' written by Auf der Maur/Goss

Chris Goss - guitar on 'Father's Grave' / additional guitar on 'The One'


GINGER BAKER & FRIENDS - Live at The Jazz Cafe (DVD/CD) (Voiceprint, 2010)

Live at The Jazz Cafe Alamout / Ants In The Kitchen / Bemsha Swing / Rabbit One / Footprints / Sweet Wine / Aiko Biaye
Chris Goss - guitar and vocals


BIG SCENIC NOWHERE - Lavender Blues (Heavy Psych Sounds, 2020)

Lavender Blues Lavender Blues / Blink Of An Eye / Labyrinths Fade

Chris Goss - guitar on 'Blink Of An Eye'


BLACK CAT BONE - Real (Mine's Bigger Than Yours, 2003)*

Real Jealousy / Simple Vision / Teach Me To Fly / Circle Of Circles / Summertime / Little World / Social Cathedral / Color Me Insane / This Is Your God / There's No Angels / Lay Me Down To Sleep

Produced by Chris Goss and Black Cat Bone
Chris Goss - "crooning and banging"

*Originally recorded Sept-Nov 1992 and scheduled for release by Chameleon in 1993


BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB - Specter At The Feast (Vagrant, 2013)

Specter At The Feast Fire Walker / Let The Day Begin / Returning / Lullaby / Hate The Taste / Rival / Teenage Disease / Some Kind Of Ghost / Sometimes The Light / Funny Games / Sell It / Lose Yourself
Production: Chris Goss, Michael Patterson, Ethan Allen, Nic Jodoin and Mark Rains
Mixing: Ethan Allen, Mark Rains and Chris Goss

Chris Goss - musician on 'Fire Walker'


CAMPFIRE GIRLS - Tell Them Hi (Interscope, 2003)

Tell Them Hi Junkman / Someday / Make It / Pedestal / Post-Coital / Day Before / Incomplete / Fancy Shirt / Homework / Broken Tooth / Tragic End
Chris Goss - background vocals on 'Junkman' and 'Broken Tooth' / Wurlitzer on 'Junkman'


DAVE CATCHING - Sonic Hallucinations Pt.1 (Dine Alone, 2017)

Bought And Sold / Ghost Stories / Shake Shake Shake / Your Daddy's Waitin' / Electric Neon Feathered Hair / Candy / Shared Hallucination / Ghost / C'mon Pt.2 / Pretty Bird / Overdrive
'Your Daddy's Waitin'' written by David Catching, Chris Goss, Gene Trautmann

Chris Goss - synths, guitars, vocals on 'Your Daddy's Waitin'' / guitar on 'Electric Neon Feathered Hair' / vocals on 'C'mon Pt.2'


CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN - Transylvania (Munich, 2009)

Transylvania I Rise The Moon / The Color Of Sundown / Something Is Wrong / Transylvania / Lonely Light / Spinnin' The Black Hole / Darker Than A Dungeon / Sound Of Confusion / Make Noise / The Lonesome Whistle
Mixed by Chris Goss

Chris Goss - drummachine and backing vocals on 'Lonely Light'


THE CULT - Capsule I (New Wilderness/Aderra, 2010)

Capsule 1 Every Man And Woman Is A Star* / Siberia* / Rain (live) / Brother Wolf, Sister Moon (live)
*Produced by Chris Goss
*Mixed by Chris Goss and Edmund Monsef

THE CULT - Capsule II (New Wilderness/Aderra, 2010)

Capsule 2

Embers* / Until The Light Takes Us* / White (live) / Nirvana (live)
*Produced by Chris Goss

THE CULT - Choice Of Weapon (Cooking Vinyl, 2012)

Choice Of Weapon

Honey From A Knife / Elemental Light / The Wolf / Life > Death / For The Animals / Amnesia / Wilderness Now / Lucifer / A Pale Horse / This Night In The City Forever

Produced by Chris Goss and Bob Rock

Chris Goss - guitars and backing vocals

THE CULT - Weapon Of Choice (Cooking Vinyl, 2012)

Weapon Of Choice

Aurora / Blackie / The Bones / Decado / Elemental / Gibraltar / Twisted And Bleeding / Militant / Supreme / Lucifer

available as a download only


Produced by Chris Goss


DEARLY BELOVED - Enduro (eOne, 2014)

Enduro Enduro / Olympics Of No Regard / Astor DuPont Payne / Not My Pig / Seven Plagues / The Guile Of Pricks / Between Finger & Thumb / All Sins Are Forgiven / Run For Your Life / Ether Binge
Chris Goss - guitar on 'Enduro'


DEPECHE MODE - John The Revelator (Mute, 2006)

John The Revelator John The Revelator (Dave Is In The Disco Tiefschwartz Remix) / John The Revelator (Murk Mode Remix) / John The Revelator (UNKLE Re Construction) / John The Revelator (Boosta Club Remix) / John The Revelator (Tiefschwartz Dub)
Chris Goss - bass on 'John The Revelator (UNKLE Re Construction)'


THE DESERT SESSIONS - Vol III/IV (Man's Ruin, 1998)

Desert Sessions Vol III/IV Nova / At The Helm Of Hells Ships / Avon / Sugar Rush / The Gosso King Of Crater Lake / Monster In The Parasol / Jr. High Love / Eccentric Man / Hogleg / You Keep On Talkin

Chris Goss - vocals on 'Monster In The Parasol'

DESERT SESSIONS 7 & 8 (Rekords Rekords, 2001)

Desert Sessions 7&8

Don't Drink Poison / Hanging Tree / Winners / Polly Wants A Crack Rock / Up In Hell / Nenada / The Idiots Guide / Interpretive Reading / Covousier / Cold Sore Superstars / Making A Cross / Ending / Piano Bench Breaks
Chris Goss - vocals on 'Don't Drink Poison' / vocals,bass on 'Up In Hell' / guitar, clap on 'Nenada' / bass on 'The Idiots Guide'

DESERT SESSIONS 9 & 10 (Ipecac, 2003)

Desert Sessions 9&10

Dead In Love / I Wanna Make It Wit Chu / Covered In Punks Blood / There Will Never Be A Better Time / Crawl Home / I'm Here For Your Daughter / Powdered Wig Machine / In My Head...Or Something / Holey Dime / A Girl Like Me / Creosote / Subcutaneous Phat / Bring It Back Gentle / Sheperds Pie

'There Will Never Be A Better Time' "performed once by Polly Harvey & Chris Goss" / Chris Goss - guitars on 'A Girl Like Me'


DR. MARS - Stars In Our Favor (2013)

Stars In Our Favor Are You There? / Personally / The Ashtar Command / I'll Have You Anyway / The Last Ride / Whatever I Say Goes / Neptune's Daughter / The Cavalier / The Golden Age / You Had The Same Dream Too / The Capsule / Europa / The Sweetheart Deal, Pt. Two

available as a download only

'Europa' produced by Chris Goss

DR. MARS and THE HOLY INFANTS - Jingle Jangle Girl (2015)

Jingle Jangle Girl Jingle Jangle Girl

available as a download only

The Holy Infants: Chris Goss (vocals), David Catching (percussion, "Santa"), Josh Urist (lead guitar, bass, keyboards, sound engineer), Steve Espinola (piano, "sax"), Mel Bergman (pedal steel guitar)



IMPERIVM The Heart Is A Drum / Warning / Hammerang / Virgin Powder Pt. 1 / Enjoy Your Psychosis / Animal
Chris Goss - lyrics & vocals on 'Enjoy Your Psychosis'


THE DUKE SPIRIT - Ex-Voto EP (You Are Here, 2007)

Ex-Voto EP

Lassoo* / Dog Roses* / A Wild Hope / Masca*
*Produced by Chris Goss & TDS

THE DUKE SPIRIT - Neptune (You Are Here, 2008)


I Do Believe / Send A Little Love Token / The Step And The Walk / Dog Roses / Into The Fold / This Ship Was Built To Last / Wooden Heart / You Really Wake Up The Love In Me / My Sunken Treasure / Lassoo / Neptune's Call / Sovereign
Produced by Chris Goss

Chris Goss - vocals


THE EIGHTIES MATCHBOX B-LINE DISASTER - The Royal Society (Island, 2004)

The Royal Society Rise Of The Eagles / I Could Be An Angle / When I Hear You Call My Name / Migrate Migraine / Puppy Dog Snails / The Dancing Girls / The Fool / I Rejection / Drunk On The Blood / Mister Mental / Freud's Black Muck / Temple Music / The Way Of The Men Of The Stuff
Produced and mixed by Chris Goss


FATSO JETSON - Toasted (Bong Load, 1999)

Toasted New Age Android / Magma / I've Got The Shame / She's So Borg / Swollen Offering / Tutta Dorma / Rail Job / Procrastination Process / Too Many Skulls
Produced by Chris Goss and Fatso Jetson


FIREBUG - The River (2014)

The River The River / Shallow Water / Used To Be / Fool Like Me
'Used To Be' produced by Chris Goss


THE FLYS - Holiday Man (Trauma Records, 1998)

Holiday Man She's So Huge / Got You (Where I Want You) / Take U There / Afraid / Holiday Man / Groove Is Where You Find It / The Gods of Basketball / Girls Are The Cruelest / Give You My Car / The Family / Superfly / Sexual Sandwich
Produced by Chris Goss

THE FLYS - Outta My Way (Trauma Records, 2000)

Outta My Way

No Sad Story / Losin It / Fire In The Pit / Damn! / Helluva Time / My Day / Outta My Way / Pakistani Man Says: / T.V. Song / Ain't No Stoppin U / Hawaiian Dreams
Produced by Chris Goss
Mixed by Mike Masters, Andrew Beck, Adam Paskowitz & Chris Goss

THE FLYS - Got You (Where I Want You) (Trauma Records, 1998)

Got You (Where I Want You) / Damn* / Holiday Man / Gods Of Basketball - Colossal Mix
*exclusive to this single - a different recording appears on the album 'Outta My Way'
Produced by Chris Goss


'Crazy Train' from the motion picture soundtrack 'Universal Soldier:The Return' (Trauma, 1999)
Produced by Chris Goss


'What You Want' from the motion picture soundtrack 'The Crow Salvation' (Koch, 2000)
Produced by Chris Goss


FOO FIGHTERS - Sonic Highways (Roswell/RCA, 2014)

Sonic Highways Something From Nothing / The Feast And The Famine / Congregation / What Did I Do?/God As My Witness / Outside / In The Clear / Subterranean / I Am A River
Chris Goss - background vocals on 'Outside'



John Garcia And The Band Of Gold Space Vato / Jim's Whiskers / Chicken Delight / Kentucky ll / My Everything / Lillianna / Popcorn (Hit Me When You Can) / Apache Junction / Don't Even Think About It / Cheyletiella / Softer Side
Produced by Chris Goss and John Garcia


KATE GIBSON - Weary Remedy (Epic, 1996)

Weary Remedy No One* / All I Want For You* / What Life's About / Momma / Pearly's Blues* / Life Obscene* / Weary Remedy* / Dream / Cuts And Scrapes* / Dance Me To The End of Love*
*Mixed by Chris Goss

Chris Goss - acoustic guitars on 'Pearly's Blues' / additional vocals on 'Dance Me To The End Of Love'



Songs Of Anarchy: Vol 3 'Sitting On Top Of The World' from the soundtrack album 'Songs Of Anarchy: Vol3' (Columbia, 2013)
All vocals by Chris Goss


HULK - Cowboy Coffee & Burned Knives... (Suburban, 2005)

Cowboy Coffee & Burned Knives...

My Nation / Bad Girl... Bad Boy / It's Allright! / Magic / Sunshine Through The Rain / Music Is Love / Real Rocker / Sweet Love / Never Walk This Way / Sorry / Down / Like Everybody Does
Chris Goss - backing vocals on 'My Nation' and 'Sunshine Through The Rain'

HULK - The Codeine Sessions (Bang!, 2006)

The Codeine Sessions Keep Talking / Gimme Some Skin / Seducer / Electricitat / Scary Song

'Scary Song' performed by Hulk feat: Dave Catching/Chris Goss