Children of the Garden
Metal In Their Madness
Big Beat & Blacklight
The Real Story
Comin' Up Roses
Past Masters
I Want Candy
Fresh Blood - Bogeymen
Master Baker
Dream On
The Reality Concept
The U.S. Masters
Master Blasters
Secrets of the Sufferbus
Masters of Reality - Letting Their Roots Show
Dedicated Forgoers of Fashion
The Godfather
Blues From The Red Sun
Goss Speaks
Deep In The Hole

Chris Goss - Stoner Godfather
Sons of the Desert
His Masters Voice
RockReunion: Chris Goss
Gig Of The Week
Stoned Goss Hard
Fuzz, smoke and overdosing with...
Ridin' The Sufferbus...
Xmas at Glasgow Garage
A Beginner's Guide To...
The Dangerous Lives of Desert Boys
Interview with Chris Goss
The Voice and the Vision...
Weiland, Baker Meet Master
Sound Methods and Weird Channels
Goss, Ramirez Get Goony
Come On In My Kitchen
The 5:15ers: Rabies Shots a Mile Long

High Contrast
Chris Goss: My Life Story
Mr. Catching, Mr. Goss and Rancho De La Luna
John McLaughlin
Q&A with Chris Goss