Masters - Deep In The Hole
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In October, Masters of Reality will release their newest studio album entitled Deep In The Hole through Brownhouse Recordings.

Chris Goss has made a trip back towards the masterful The Blue Garden album as this new one breathes bluesy mind-altering rock and features guest appearances by the likes of Josh Homme [QOTSA], Mark Lanegan [Screaming Trees/QOTSA] and Dave Catching [earthlings?].

"In reality, I could probably write a book on the making of all the Masters of Reality LP's", says Chris, "especially Deep In The Hole since so many close friends and brilliant musicians played on it. It was the first Masters record recorded at a time when all of my friends were not out touring. Simultaneously, Josh Homme was here in Joshua Tree recording the new Desert Sessions LP."

"We were about one half mile away from each other and there was a stream of musicians going back and forth from studio to studio. Josh was at Rancho De La Luna studio. I rented an empty house and moved all of my studio gear in. I sang near the kitchen sink... In fact, on the song 'Roof of the Shed', the drum that sounds like a large timpani drum is actually the metal kitchen sink cabinet being hit with a mallet."

"The desert has a way of effecting the creative atmosphere when making music. I honestly don't know why. I just know that I've lived here nearly 10 years, and it's never let me down. Perhaps the sky is so big, you have to make your music bigger to stand up next to it. I only guess. Josh and I have been working together for more than 10 years. To finally have him playing on a Masters record is so cool. He understands where my music is at and I understand his too."

"My drummer, John Leamy, is one of the most talented people I know. He painted 'The Blue Garden' album cover for the first Def American release. He and I also share an insane obsession for 1970's Yes music. I recently hung out with Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters and found out he is an old Yes freak too. We are a rare breed, I suppose, and I advise anyone who claims to like 'stoner rock' to start picking up old Yes records and expand their minds because they don't know what they are missing."

"I suggest starting with The Yes Album or Fragile. From that point on it's Close To The Edge, Tales From Topographic Oceans, Relayer and finally Going For The One. After that I believe they became a bit unglued and burnt...

"Which brings us to 'stoner rock'. Most of the rock music I love and cherish probably refers more to God and love than camaros and skateboards. I honestly don't give a shit if that sounds pretentious and stuffy. Give me 'Stairway to Heaven' any day over anything Kiss ever attempted."

"In fact, in my opinion, Kiss was the first corporate rock band. They replaced the brilliant jamming and free improvisation of the Led Zeps and Creams with gimmicks and contrived marketing. Fun show, no doubt, but N'Sync probably puts on a fun show too. By the way, I have a Kiss belt buckle from 1976 that I'll gladly sell for $100. Anyway, I like my rock grand, artistic and beautiful. If I want cheese I go to the grocery store."

"You can find out who played on it by checking out the news section of Rock on brothers and sisters. And remember: LOVE IS THE LAW."