MASTERS OF REALITY - The Ballad of Jody Frosty

Voice And The Vision / Bela Alef Rose / Dollar Bill / Baby Mae / The Ballad of Jody Frosty / Brown House On The Green Road / The True Song / Swingeroo Joe / Pussy Pie / Alder Smoke Blues* / Still On The Hill

*has also been referred to as 'Pussy Pie Blues'

The third Masters of Reality album, originally scheduled for release by Epic in Spring 1995. In an interview Chris Goss commented, "The Ballad Of Jody Frosty!? The record company just refused to put it out... I'm glad that they showed their stupidity before the record came out... I mean... I look at it as a fine record... But... I think that the versions of the songs on the live record beat the versions of the studio record... All in all the public got the best versions of songs like 'Alder Smoke Blues'... I just want to put my best foot forward all the time, and the way the songs ended up on the live album are the best ones."

Some of the original recordings have since surfaced. 'Baby Mae' appeared on the album Welcome To The Western Lodge, while 'The Ballad of Jody Frosty', 'Voice And The Vision', 'Bela Alef Rose', 'Brown House on the Green Road' and 'Still On The Hill' can all be found on Give Us Barabbas.

The line up on this album was Chris Goss, Googe and Victor Indrizzo.

LOS GUSANOS - Songs From The Big Road

Produced by Chris Goss. 1999 recordings for what was to be the second Los Gusanos album, tentatively titled Songs From The Big Road, shelved after the band broke up in early 2000. Among the songs recorded were Dust Train, Liam's Tree, Let It Go, Golden, Long Gun, and Lay Low.


Special thanks to Jeff Faller for the following information: "I worked at Eastwind Recording (where a few of the Bogeymen tracks were recorded). I do know that there are three master tapes there with enough material for at least one new Bogeymen album... that will never see the light of day. Choice tunes include a kick ass version of a song called 'Buyer Beware' (Vinnie Ludovico on drums, Creamo on Bass and George on keys)... Not to mention a wonderful acoustic version of 'No Slaves', HEAVY versions of 'Immemorial' (from the H demo) and 'I Feel It Coming On Again', and two songs 'Candy Cane' (very heavy, Vinnie on drums) and 'Lazy MF' (funky as hell, Gil Castle on drums and Jack Holton on Bass) already mixed to 2-track and never released, just gathering dust."