Give Us Barabbas (Brownhouse 2004)

Give Us Barabbas

The Ballad Of Jody Frosty
Voice And The Vision
I Walk Beside Your Love
(Chris Goss, Chris Palmer, Brendon McNichol)
Bela Alef Rose
Brown House On The Green Road
Hey Diana
(Goss, Palmer, McNichol)
Still On The Hill
The Desert Song
(Goss, Ginger Baker, Daniel Rey, Googe)
Off To Tiki Ti (Goss, Palmer, McNichol)
It's So Hard (John Lennon)
Jindalee Jindalie
Don't Get Caught By The Huntsman's Bow

Produced by Chris Goss

Engineered by Brian Jenkins / Chad Bamford / Martin Schmelzle
except 'Off To Tiki Ti', 'Hey Diana' and 'I Walk Beside Your Love' recorded by Chris Palmer at The Willow Pad, Palm Desert, CA

'Desert Song' co-produced by Chris Goss / Ginger Baker / Daniel Rey / Googe

All songs written by Chris Goss except as noted

Chris Goss - vocs, guitars, keys / Googe - bass / Vic Indrizzo - drums, except Chris Palmer on 'It's So Hard', Ginger Baker on 'The Desert Song'

guest vocs - Scott Weiland - 'Jindalee Jindalie' / violin - Lily Hadyn, electric piano - Andy Kaulkin - 'Brown House On The Green Road' / Chris Palmer - guitar/bass / Brendon McNichol - mandolin/balalaika guitar - 'Off To Tiki Ti', 'Hey Diana' and 'I Walk Beside Your Love'

EU: Brownhouse BRH9904