Flak 'n' Flight (Brownhouse 2002)

Flak 'n' Flight Flak 'n' Flight


Opening (excerpt from "The Ballad of Jody Frosty")
Deep In The Hole
(Goss, Leamy)
Third Man On The Moon (Goss, Leamy)
Why The Fly?
Time To Burn
(Goss, Leamy, Catching)
The Blue Garden (Goss, Harrington)
Rabbit One
Also Ran Song
(Goss, Leamy)
John Brown (Goss, Harrington)
100 Years (of tears on the wind)
High Noon Amsterdam
(Goss, Leamy)
She Got Me (when she got her dress on)
Cretin Hop
(The Ramones)

Produced by Chris Goss

All songs written by Chris Goss except as noted

Chris Goss - vocals, guitar, synthesizers / John Leamy - drums, vocals / Josh Homme - guitar, vocals / Nick Oliveri - bass, vocals

London guest vocals: Mark Lanegan on 'High Noon Amsterdam'

EU: Brownhouse BRH9903 / Reissued EU: Brownhouse BRH9903 (with new cover art)