Deep In The Hole (Brownhouse 2001)

Deep In The Hole

Third Man On The Moon (Goss, Leamy)
A Wish For A Fish (Goss, Leamy)
Counting Horses
Major Lance
High Noon Amsterdam
(Goss, Leamy)
Corpus Scorpios Electrified (Goss, Leamy)
Deep In The Hole (Goss, Leamy)
Roof Of The Shed (Goss, Homme)
Shotgun Son

Produced by Chris Goss

All songs written by Chris Goss except as noted

Tracks by Chris Goss and John Leamy

Guest performances by: Dave Catching, Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan, Troy Van Leeuwen, Nick Lucero, Brendon McNichol, Nick Oliveri, Josh Paskowitz, Roxy Saint, Mathias Schneeberger

EU: Brownhouse BRH9902