Welcome To The Western Lodge (Brownhouse 1999)

Welcome To The Western Lodge

It's Shit
The Great Spelunker
Time To Burn
(Chris Goss, John Leamy, Dave Catching)
Take A Shot At The Clown (Goss, Leamy, Catching)
Baby Mae
Why The Fly?
Ember Day
Annihilation Of The Spirit
Calling Dr. Carrion
Boymilk Waltz
Lover's Sky
(Chris Goss, John Russo)
Also Ran Song (Goss, Leamy)

Produced by Chris Goss

All songs written by Chris Goss except as noted

Chris Goss - vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass / John Leamy - drums, keyboards, bass*

*except 'Baby Mae' Googe - bass / Victor Indrizzo - drums

EU: Brownhouse BRH9901 / US: Spitfire 5050*

*The Spitfire 2001 release features new mixes of several tracks which the label requested for the US market