How High The Moon Live at the Viper Room (Malicious Vinyl 1997)

How High The Moon Reality Show

How High The Moon
The Blue Garden
(Goss, Harrington)
Alder Smoke Blues
Doraldina's Prophecies
(Goss, Harrington)
She Got Me (when she got her dress on)
Jindalee Jindalie
John Brown
(Goss, Harrington)
Tilt-A-Whirl/Swingeroo Joe (Goss, Googe)
Ants In The Kitchen (Baker, Goss)/Goin' Down (Don Nix)
100 Years (of tears on the wind)

Produced by Chris Goss and Michael Ross

All songs written by Chris Goss except as noted

Chris Goss - vocals, guitars / Googe - bass / Vic "the stick" Indrizzo - drums, vocals / Brendon McNichol - guitar

Also featuring Chris Johnson - keyboards / Scott Weiland - vocals on 'Jindalee Jindalie'

US: Malicious Vinyl MV5017 / Reissued EU: Cargo 040 (as Reality Show) / Reissued US: Delicious Vinyl DV9058 (as bonus disc with reissue of Masters of Reality)