Sunrise On The Sufferbus (Chrysalis 1992)

Sunrise On The Sufferbus

She Got Me (when she got her dress on)
J.B. Witchdance
(Baker, Goss)
Jody Sings
Rolling Green
Ants In The Kitchen
(Baker, Goss)
V.H.V. (Googe, Goss)
100 Years (of tears on the wind)
(Baker, Googe, Goss, Rey)
Rabbit One
Gimme Water
(Baker, Goss)
The Moon In Your Pocket

Produced by Chris Goss, Ginger Baker and Googe
Additional co-production by Daniel Rey and Jason Corsaro

All songs written by Chris Goss except as noted

Chris Goss - vocals, guitars, keyboards / Googe - bass, backing vocals / Ginger Baker - Ludwig drums, Zildjian cymbals, prose, backing vocals

US: Chrysalis 21976 / EU: Def American 514947 / Reissued US: Spitfire 5156 (with new liner notes by Chris Goss)